Software Supply Partners

As one of the leading developers for print management software, papercut has helped millions of businesses around the globe to improve security, minimise waste and simplify print.

Find-Me Printing

Whether you are printing an invoice from a desktop PC or an important contract from a BYOD, Papercut makes life easy by auto-deploying printer drivers to the required device.

Control Device Access

Organisations spend £1000’s on protecting their data especially now with GDPR processes and procedures implemented. But, did you know a potential security threat is the output tray on your printer? 100’s of pages are left there every week, forgotten or printed by accident and anyone (visitors and staff) could pick them up and read them. By implementing a secure print release solution or even digitally sign and watermark your print jobs to take security to a new level.

Cost Saving

Saving the planet doesn’t have to cost the earth and with PaperCut you actually save money. By changing the way an organisation integrates with the printers and adding a few simple print rules including default B&W and duplex businesses have seen up to a 30% reduction in costs


One of the world leaders in print management solutions

Equitrac Print Management Software is the global leader of intelligent print and cost management solutions for the corporate, legal, education, health care and financial services markets.
ProcessFlows is partnering with Kofax to offer these mission-critical solutions to enterprises that are looking to more effectively manage printing environments, reduce printing costs, increase security and lessen environmental impact.
Save up to 30% of your overall print costs and create a ‘greener office’, by using one of these Print Management Solutions:

Myq is an award-winning solution designed to effectively manage and optimise your print enviroment and streamline its related processes

Before buying printing devices you need to know who prints what, when and why. After the purchase, it is necessary to keep the costs within set limits. MyQ will answer all your questions through nearly 100 reports at the right time.
In each company, success is accompanied by higher demand for internal documents. We will always make sure that your confidential production plans, payslips or ready-made commercial offers can be accessed by authorised personnel only.

More restrictions and a vast number of work rules do not necessarily lead to the best performance. To achieve this, people need to know they are appreciated and that they can focus on what they do best. That it is why a simplified operation by reducing paperwork is part of our highest priority

Growth, savings, and responsibilities are the three pillars of each manager. MyQ will support the development of your business, save employee time, and prevent unnecessary wastage, decreasing paper consumption and waste production.
Filestar is our cloud-based document management service, ideal for scanning and archiving yout paper documents.


Our cloud servers take away all of the hassle and costs of managing your own servers and storage. All you need is a web browser.

Less Paper

Paper takes space. Space costs money. Paper takes time (to file and find). Time costs money. Less paper = Money saved! Filestar makes it very easy for you to transfer your paper files to a digital archive. In doing so, it makes your files more accessible in a secure way and makes your paper-based processes more efficient.


With secure access, comprehensive auditing and flexible retention policies, Filestar ticks all the boxes when it comes to meeting your document compliance requirements.