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Long gone are the days of the desk phone and the trusty pager (one for the kids),

but as remote and mobile working becomes more of the norm, technology and infrastructure has to evolve.
ITECH work with organisations to understand how they interact with their customers and employees. It’s only then when we can start to look at aligning the right technology solutions to the challenges as every business is so unique.
From mobile phones to Intelligent numbers, telematics to video conference solutions, we will build the right solution for your evolving organisation.
Unifying your communications is becoming increasingly important for Business to make real-time decisions using BI (Business Information). Our solutions can empower businesses to map, record and file all calls and communications had with individuals, customers, prospects and employees.
Our UK installation team can install a wide range of telecoms solutions from on-site converged IP telephony and conventional phone systems with a few extensions right the way through to hundreds in a busy call centre in multiple locations.

Whatever your needs, we will find the right solution.


Supplier partners

ITECH has brought together the leading Technology Partners to provide our customers with an unrivalled Managed Service Solution.