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Legal firms

As the legal sector evolves so does the technology that supports it.

The way an office is run has changed forever. Teams are working remotely, video conferencing is now the norm and the hunger for Documentation Management solutions has escalated.
In a time, critical environment, where a delay could lose a vital case, damaging a brands reputation, you need a reliable document management solution.
From document scanning to managed print, data security to document management we integrate solutions into your way of working. Our innovative technology can streamline a lot of the manual tasks in your organisation, eradicating human error whilst speeding up key processes including mailroom management, document filing and print management.
Our bespoke solutions are built around individual requirements. We don’t just create what you want, we work with your organisation to extract key information and deliver what you need.
Our solutions streamline processes to maximise efficiency and help you to increase billable hours.
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Security is paramount in any business but in the legal sector, the amount of sensitive information within documents leaves organisations vulnerable to data breaches. Our range of solutions minimise this risk and can help you protect your brand.

Print Queues

To stop printed documents ending up in the wrong hands, we install print queues. When you team sends anything to the printer we add a print queue that will only print the document after a pin number is entered or a security card swiped. This ensures the document is collected as soon as it is printed and minimises security breaches. This function also allows the member of staff to cancel the print at any time, reducing your costs and helping the environment.

Print Monitoring

Visibility and accountability are crucial to any business. Our innovative software solutions can track and monitor the output of any device on your network, all in one place. It will provide information about the device, the number of prints, by whom, what program and how much toner/ink it has used. This information is vital to understand how the business and individuals are using the devices. It will also identify if people are using more than they should and where print policies could provide monetary savings.