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Managed print

Imagine if you could reduce your printing costs by 30% and increase your data security at the same time…

Managing your print estate is imperative to building a successful business. Not only will it enhance security by creating visibility of what is printed and when, it will also provide massive cost savings throughout the business.
You just need the right print strategy to introduce simple print rules, document workflows and integrate the right devices to make it a reality.

Print management software

Visibility and accountability

Visibility and accountability are crucial to any business. Our innovative software solutions can track and monitor the output of any device on your network, all in one place.
It will provide information about
This information is vital to understand how individuals and the business use the devices and manages data. It will also identify if people are using more than they should and where print policies could provide monetary savings.
There is a number of different Print Management Software solutions available so call ITECH today and find out which one is best suited for your requirements.

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