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Do your staff know the true cost of printing and copying their documents?

Let’s face facts, we’ve all printed more than we needed. Building those piles of accidental and forgotten prints on the output tray, creating potential security risks and wasting valuable budget.
Over the years ITECH has helped the education sector minimise their spend and security breaches by installing the right equipment and document management solutions.


Security in schools is at an all-time high.

With so much information at the fingertips of staff, it is imperative to implement a print and workflow solution aligned to your GDPR strategy.
With simple key code practices and innovations available across our entire print portfolio, we can support, and where necessary, enhance your current solutions.
Our Visibility & Traceability solutions monitor every page that’s printed, scanned or faxed. It leaves a fingerprint on each page so it can be aligned to cost centres, enhancing budget management or identifying any misuse.


Software | Devices | Work-flow Document Management

A simple B&W printer to multi-functional devices (MFD’s), Large Format to large volume print room machines, ITECH will create the right document management solution for your needs.
We can support individual schools to multiple site locations, we can empower you to manage your budgets efficiently and enhance the document security throughout your environment.