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With the business landscape evolving, organisations are having to refocus their short- and long-term strategies.

Cutting costs is one of the main topics of conversation but if this has already been reviewed, where else can you make the savings?
ITECH has developed a range of solutions that will empower business owners to streamline processes, reduce costs whilst improving visibility and accountability throughout the business.
It all starts with document management. Your team uses the printer every day, for invoices, presentations, contracts, quotations and the odd personal picture. But, how often do you see the waste bins at the end of the day full of printed paper and normally in colour?
This could include:
ITECH partners with the leading innovative technology companies to give you back control over your business. From setting up automated print rules (B&W, Duplex etc.) to block the ability to print from specific software programmes (CRM & Accountant systems) you can control and manage the access to data in your business.
working on laptop
Over the next few years, more people will work from home for at least part of the working week. Our solutions can provide seamless connectivity so your team can work from anywhere in the world. They will still have the same functionality and you still retain complete visibility and control over your data.
BYOD and hotdesking are on the rise which used to cause the IT team massive headaches when it came to accessing networked printers. Our quick and simple solution eradicates their pain. It enables your team and their visitors to print their documents from any smart device without the need to download drivers or additional software.
If you would like more information on how you can streamline your document management, enhance your Print Security or reduce your overall printing costs then click on the below links or give the ITECH team a call.