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Care homes

Looking after residents in a care home is the number one priority for its staff.

As the CQC push for more compliance throughout the homes, more paperwork needs to be completed and filed.
ITECH and their partners have developed a range of document management solutions to support Care Homes digitise all their documentation and paperwork. This removes the need for bookshelves of files and endless hours wasted manually searching for that elusive piece of paper.
Once a document has been digitised and filed on the cloud server, all the words on the page are converted in to copy. This enables them to be found by searching keywords on any enabled device including desktops, tablets and mobile phones so you can access them on the go.
Our Managed Print Solutions provide Care Homes with a range of secure, reliable printers to suit their needs. Combined with our 4-tier billing solution will ensure you only pay for what you print which can dramatically reduce your printing costs.
Security is paramount when you are dealing with sensitive information about residents, staff and business information. Our range of data protection software will help you adhere to GDPR compliance when managing documents.

Supplier partners

ITECH has brought together the leading Technology Partners to provide our customers with an unrivalled Managed Service Solution.