Mobility and cloud-based solutions

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Even before covid-19 started, more and more businesses were allowing their teams to work remotely.

As technology evolves and connectivity improves, teams, can work seamlessly throughout the world in coffee shops, offices, in parks and of course from home.
Since the outbreak, businesses have often found off the shelf mobility packages don’t completely integrate with their existing solutions. Patches are introduced and sometimes manual intervention is needed opening up the opportunity to errors.
ITECH has partnered with a number of leading technology businesses that integrate secure solutions into existing infrastructures.
These solutions empower teams and their supply partners to collaborate on projects at a distance. This not only reduces travel costs, but it also reduces the hours spent travelling, freeing up valuable time and recourses.

Cloud-based solution

Secure off-site server solutions

Utilising cloud-based servers for your business will enable your organisation to work seamlessly from any location with an internet connection.
Data, documents and programs can be stored on the cloud which is similar to your internal servers, but you will be able to access these from any agreed device including BYOD’s. Often platform agnostic, this solution enhances the capability of your teams and enable them to work on the go.
This can also provide complete visibility for the management team of how their teams are working remotely and when they are available.
employees are using the programs, what programs are being used and how. This enables employees

Supplier partners

ITECH has brought together the leading Technology Partners to provide our customers with an unrivalled Managed Service Solution.