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Schools & Education Facilities

Let’s face facts, we’ve all printed more than we needed. Building those piles of accidental and forgotten prints on the output tray, creating potential security risks and wasting valuable budget.

Over the years ITECH has helped the education sector minimise their spend and security breaches by installing the right equipment and document management solutions.


Business Solutions

Cutting costs is one of the main topics of conversation but if this has already been reviewed, where else can you make the savings?

ITECH has developed a range of solutions that will empower business owners to streamline processes, reduce costs whilst improving visibility and accountability throughout the business.


Legal Firm

The way an office is run has changed forever. Teams are working remotely, video conferencing is now the norm and the hunger for Documentation Management solutions has escalated.

In a time, critical environment, where a delay could lose a vital case, damaging a brands reputation, you need a reliable document management solution.



Every item we use has had to be manufactured in some form, often using multiple parts from different locations around the world.

Our Managed Services provide an integrated workflow solution to enhance the manufacturing processes from end to end.



Health and Safety forms, risk assessments, Invoices, plans and PO’s the list continues to grow but often building sites still use filing cabinets and lever arch files to store this information.

In these busy environments, documents can easily be lost or damaged, causing lost man-hours requesting new copies or reprinting them. The ITECH Document Management Solutions can minimise this risk by digitising all paper documents and filing them on a cloud server. The content of these documents is converted to a PDF, where words can be edited or be searched for when looking for a specific document.


Care Homes

As the CQC push for more compliance throughout the homes, more paperwork needs to be completed and filed.

ITECH and their partners have developed a range of document management solutions to support Care Homes digitise all their documentation and paperwork. This removes the need for bookshelves of files and endless hours wasted manually searching for that elusive piece of paper.



That seamlessly integrates bricks and mortar and online environments across all departments. From ordering the products to taking the delivery, booking it onto the system through to dispatching the goods, we can offer the complete end to end solution.

Data management and communication are at the heart of all retail businesses. From telecoms to workflow solutions, stock management to cloud servers, ITECH can build integrated systems that seamlessly work anywhere in the world.